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Foodolgy Inc. was founded in Houston, Texas as a way to reduce employee benefits cost. Corporations shell out millions of dollars for employee health benefits that could be reduced if employees were healthier. We needed a way to provide corporations and employees with the tools they needed to achieve long-term health, not just short-term weight loss.

As corporate health insurance plans and costs continued to soar, one thing became certain: the health crisis sweeping the country was wreaking havoc and there needed to be a solution.

Our founder lead this charge and consulted with his physician and countless specialists that ranged from bariatric surgeons to cardiologists to oncologists to dieticians and they all agreed on one thing: Wellness begins with food.

Some of the most devastating diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and obesity are caused by poor eating habits. With the right education program, the occurrence of these diseases could be reduced significantly and people could have a toolbox with the necessary components needed to achieve lifelong wellness.

That’s where we come in. Welcome to Foodology.

A Healthy Society Starts With One Person

Foodology has helped over 15,000 Americans achieve a healthier lifestyle. The most obvious outcome of this program is weight loss, but that’s only what you can see on the surface. Those who have taken our online health lifestyle courses have learned how to have a healthy diet despite being bombarded with GMOs, sugar, and salt at every turn and have improved their overall health and wellness in the process.

While our courses have helped thousands, there are still more people to help. Our goal is to empower every single American with the knowledge that the food they consume matters, that it has a lasting impact on their long-term health. The food you bring into your home not only affects you but your children as well. If one person can learn how to live and eat healthier, the benefits can spread throughout communities and schools.

It’s Not A Diet — It’s A Lifestyle

Foodology isn’t a diet. It’s a lesson in living a healthy lifestyle that results in long-lasting change. Wellness is achieved when you learn how to view and interact with food the same way that the professionals who helped shape this course do. You can learn to view food based on what it is doing to your body, not just by what it tastes or looks like. With us, you can learn how to reduce your sugar, fat and salt intake and other important dietary information. This course reveals the number 1 reason for widespread obesity and it’s not what you think.

Fighting For A Healthier Tomorrow

While we started in Houston, we now consider Washington D.C. our home base. Much of America’s obesity problems come from poor food regulations at the government level. Big Food is profiting from a lack of accountability while Americans suffer the consequences of unregulated industries, dangerous preservatives, artificial food and harmful chemicals that are allowed to be placed in our food.

Not only does Foodology provide our online course on nutrition for healthy living, but we are also on the frontlines fighting for better food labeling and regulations in our schools, grocery stores, and communities so Americans have the ability to make better food choices. We are fighting the battle against the government to force food manufacturers to reduce or remove preservatives from our food, to remove chemicals that are knowingly harmful, and to provide accurate and easy to understand food labels.

Knowledge Is Power; Knowledge Is Health

We cannot change the food industry overnight. There is a long battle to be fought. But you can make small, simple changes today that will make you healthier immediately so that you can start living a healthier life and making better-informed choices about the food you and your family eat. We have made that process easy with our online food nutrition courses.

Read below to learn more about how our healthy eating courses can teach you how to have a healthy diet and lifestyle. You can lose and keep off extra pounds without starvation, surgery or taking medication whose side effects are dangerous. You can reduce your risk of diet-related health problems by 90% simply by arming yourself with knowledge from our wellness education program.

Learn All About:

  • 5 Simple foods that burn calories and improve your health.
  • What exercises fire up your metabolism.
  • The truth behind “negative calorie” foods.
  • How diets can be dangerous!
  • How you can nourish your cells and live a healthier life.

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Diet Wars

Completely eliminate carbs from your diet. Wait, no. Only eat foods that cavemen ate. Actually, don’t even touch red meat. On second thought, just eat at Subway for every meal. But be sure to only cook in your Instant Pot. Keto! Paleo! Whole 30! Atkins! South Beach! Nutrisystem! Jenny Craig! Weight Watchers!
Are you losing your mind right now? We just did a quick Google search for ‘the best diets to help you lose weight and keep it off’ and received 680 million results back. How can a busy person like yourself sort out truth from fiction?
Don’t worry. When you start your journey to finally lose stubborn weight, improve your overall health, and reduce your risk of disease, the amount of information out there can be overwhelming. Not all of it is accurate and some of it is even downright dangerous. Yo-yo diets and fad diets can do the body more harm than good. In a world where celebrities and reality stars are trying to sell you “get skinny quick” solutions, you need to know the truth.
In this health education lesson and diet course, we’ll let you in on the truth about dieting in our e-book Diet Wars, so you can learn what really works, and what definitely doesn’t.

Foods That Energize The Body

Americans consume more added sugar than any other country in the world. In fact, studies have shown that the average American will eat 66 pounds of added sugar per year. That’s about the weight of your average fourth-grader or a full grown German Shepherd in sugar, to put that into perspective.
Sugar is known by many names, and marketers conveniently use these names in food labels to trick customers into not understanding what they are consuming. Some common names for sugar are glucose and fructose. Others include high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup solids, dextrin, dextrose, malt syrup, D-ribose, galactose, barley malt, and evaporated cane juice.
Sugar can be addicting. Our brains process sugar as a reward, making us crave more of it and experience withdrawals when we don’t have it. Too much sugar, especially harmful added sugars, can lead to obesity, heart disease, cancer, liver disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and ADHD.
This course of our health education program will teach you how to identify harmful sugars and how to overcome a dangerous sugar addiction. In addition, this course will teach you about superfoods: foods that are jam-packed with nutrients and actually fuel the body’s essential functions.

Foods That Sustain The Body

Sugar might cause a “sugar high,” but that is far from the same thing as getting energy from your food. In the third chapter of our food nutrition course, you will learn what your body needs and what foods can give that to you. Learn about nutrition and which foods you can consume to fuel your body all day.
Eating the foods you will learn about in this course can help you to learn about nutrition and how your body responds to the right type of fuel. They can also help you to lose weight, feel energetic and young, and look amazing. Take back your diet and your life by learning from the third lesson in our food education program. While we will teach you how to eat right in our program, this is so much more than just a “diet course.” This is a lifestyle course that will give you lessons you can follow for decades to come.

Reading Food Labels

Personally, we think everything in the grocery store should come with a “warning label” in addition to a food label. Sometimes reading food labels can feel like trying to interpret ancient hieroglyphics. If you feel confused when you look at a complicated label on the back of a package, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Processed foods full of preservatives are dangerous. Period. When you buy packaged foods, you are putting yourself and loved ones in danger.
In chapter four of our healthy living class, you will learn how to read and interpret food labels, what to watch out for, and what to avoid. You will be shocked to learn exactly what manufacturers have been putting in your foods!
Knowledge and action are the best defenses against heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, and this course is one of the best ways to arm yourself with knowledge and ready yourself to take action toward living a healthier life.

Know Your Food Source

For many of us, the days of growing your own vegetables, raising your own chickens, and walking to the local farmer for fresh milk are long gone. Do you know where your food comes from? Or how far it has traveled to end up on the grocery store shelf? Or how long ago it was prepared?

Chapter five of our health and nutrition courses gives you some shocking insight into where your food actually comes from. We’ll also give you some helpful tips on how to make better decisions about the food you buy.

Harmful Chemicals In Your Diet

Everything from the air we breathe to the food we eat is made of chemicals. Chemicals exist everywhere and make up our world, but there are some chemicals that are harmful and should be avoided. These also happen to be the chemicals that manufacturers add to food to make it last longer, taste better, and appear fresher — one of the very things Foodology is fighting against in D.C.

Many processed foods not only contain added chemicals that make the food last longer than nature intended, but also contain chemicals that can cause cancer and long-term health concerns.

This chapter of our food nutrition course focuses specifically on salt. Salt is used in processed foods almost as liberally as sugar and can cause hypertension and other diseases. In this chapter, you’ll learn about which salts can heal you and which salts can kill you.

Navigating The Grocery Store Without Getting Fat

This chapter of the Foodology health and nutrition program focuses specifically on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that have infiltrated our grocery stores from the produce section to the kid’s cereal aisle.

Obesity starts and ends with GMOs and knowing how to spot them and how to avoid them is the key to losing weight and reducing your risk of serious health problem. You’ll learn how to stay away from GMOs in a country where nearly all foods seem to contain pesticides, antibiotics, and other strange concoctions. Don’t miss this vital lesson.

Obesity: Causes And Cures

Obesity is a disease plaguing American adults and children, but it doesn’t have to be your reality. In the last decade, the rates of adult and childhood obesity have risen exponentially, and it all has to do with our grocery stores, restaurants, and schools being filled with low-quality, processed, and genetically modified food.
Chapter eight of our healthy diet course tackles the actual causes of obesity and why over 150 million Americans struggle with this disease. It all boils down to servings, portions, and calories. This chapter also offers the solution to obesity and gives you tangible ways to make changes to your diet and start losing weight by understanding the relationship between what you eat and what you weigh.

Meal Planning

Meal planning is the secret to weight loss. Anyone who has lost weight and kept it off can attest to this. Chapter nine might be the most important chapter in our healthy living program as it eliminates your excuse of being too busy to cook or too tired to go out and buy healthy foods.
You will learn how to make and stick to a meal plan that will actually allow you to meet your goals and drop pounds in this food nutrition course. When you try out a fad diet, you are already on your way toward failure. Learning how to meal plan and actually stick to your plans is the key to succeeding on your life-long journey to health.

The Exercise Of The Gods: Walking

In the tenth chapter of our weight loss plan, you will learn the final secret to health and wellness: walking. Renowned cardiologist Denton Cooley, who pioneered open heart surgery, has said, “If people would walk briskly for 30 minutes every day, there would be no need for open heart surgery!”
Not only does walking each day provide sustained weight loss over time, but it can also help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as provide a great social opportunity with your friends, partner, or kids.

When you combine brisk daily walking with the important nutrition lessons you will learn throughout the healthy eating course from Foodology, you will discover just how achievable weight loss and healthy living can be.

Reduce Your Risk Of Disease With Our Health And Nutrition Courses

What if you could reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity by 90% just by arming yourself with knowledge? With our food nutrition course, you can. The curriculum above is based on the fact that wellness begins with food. When you truly understand how to interact with the food you eat in a positive way, you can kick bad habits, fuel your body with the nutrients it needs, and banish toxins from your diet.

So, what are you waiting for? Start the course today and change your tomorrow.