We travel over the country spreading the gospel of healthy eating and many schools have low wages, even lower budgets and in schools located in low income areas, no chance of hearing the good news. These are the forgotten ones that tilted the political landscape—the forgotten. Every school is a trap for obesity. One in three students and as many teachers. Topping the list of disability and workers’ compensation claims. Ten times more likely to miss work or school due to illness. We kindly ask that you donate the cost of each class and workshop that we provide on what we believe to be the cure for heart disease, diabetes and cancer. That cure begins with the quality and care of the food we eat. Please give them a chance to hear me tell them why one of the most important thing they can do right now is to get immunized each year and why. Please don’t deny them the opportunity to hear me tell the absolute thing they can do right now to slash obesity by 50 percent. This cure will save every single house hold $10,000 annually in health care cost.


Please donate now. I thank you. They will thank you. Doctors will thank you too.